Mountain Trekking/Hiking

The Highest Mountain in Africa As well as the world’s tallest free-standing mountain (5895m / 19,341 ft.), the snow-capped peak of Mt Kilimanjaro is a stunning sight that can be seen throughout the surrounding plains of East Africa. Located in Kilimanjaro National Park on the border of Tanzania and Kenya, its slopes present an ever-present challenge to adventurous
Less known than Mt. Kilimanjaro to the northeast, Meru offers a less traveled and less intimidating, but no less enjoyable, climbing experience. Along your journey on the Momella route, you first arrive at the Miriakmba Hut (2514 m / 8,248 ft); then on to the Saddle Hut (3566 m / 11,712 ft); before either summiting Little Meru (3820 m / 12,533 ft) or the upper summit,